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Conference Room
Plan of Conference Room
  Conference Room
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Conference Room Introduction
  The grand Jiahe Hall is spacious and suitable for banquets, cock-tail parties and conferences. The Convention Centre has seven standard meeting rooms which are sumptuously decorated and well-equipped with all necessary modern facilities. It’s an ideal place for small and medium-scale meetings.
Room Area Size Ceiling
Set-up & Capacities
M2 M×M Hollow Shape Schoolroom Theatre Banquet
Meeting Room1 30 6X5 2.4 16 1500
Meeting Room2 44.2 6.8X6.5 2.4 15 1500
Meeting Room3 49 7X7 2.4 16 1500
Meeting Room4 42 7X6 2.4 16 1500
Meeting Room5 49 7X7 2.4 20 1500
Meeting Room6 105 15X7 2.4 40 60 80 3000
Meeting Room7 52.5 7.5X7 2.4 18 1500
Function Room 312 24X13 3.15 100 200 300 6800
1、The rental for a multi-media overhead projector:  RMB 300
2、The cost of a streamer in the meeting room :  RMB 300
3、The hotel provides tea, pencils, writing paper, scream, white board, microphone and sound equipment, electronic scream in the lobby, and indicator board free of charge.
4、The minimum charge of refreshment for one person is RMB 35. The refreshment includes two Chinese pastries, two western pastries, one fruit plate, coffee or black tea.
5、  Working lunch: RMB 800 for a table of 10 ( eight dishes and one soup) Buffet (minimum number of diners is 60) : RMB 100 per person, ice water, coke and sprite are provide.
6、The minimum charge of banquets: RMB 200 per person  excluding drinks.


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